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Alternative format to what's currently in the article

Link (by company) Profile= name Elements extended
Softimage XSI extensions XSI
  • <camera>
  • <image>
  • <light>
  • <node>
Companyname Product extensions ABC
  • <camera>
  • <image>


Current article format:

  • Pro: If there are a lot of companies registering extensions, will make it easier to find extensions by each of the different categories.
  • Con: Same link appears in multiple places, so takes longer to insert a new one and harder to maintain.

Table shown above:

  • Pro: Link in only one place, so faster and easier to insert new one and to maintain list
  • Con: Table is arranged only by company name, so if there are a lot of companies with extensions, it's harder to view the list of profile names and of extensions by element.

Votes and comments

Which do you prefer, and why??

  • Current article format (3 separate sections)
    • Because blah. signherewithfourtildes
  • Format shown above
    • Because blah. signherewithfourtildes

Elf 19:00, 12 May 2007 (PDT)