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Alternative format to what's currently in the article

Alternative strategy and instructions

Instructions for adding to this list
  1. Add a link for your company in the "Extensions by company" list (below). Format it as "companyname productname extensions"; for example:
    Softimage XSI extensions
  2. Add the link also in the "Profile names" section by the name specified in <technique profile="yourprofilename">; for example:
    XSI; see Softimage XSI extensions
  3. Add the link also under each relevant element in "Extensions by COLLADA element".
  4. Save this article.
  5. Click one of your new links to create your article. Tips:

Extensions by company

Extensions by profile name

Extensions by COLLADA element


Format shown above:

  • Pro: If there are a lot of companies registering extensions, will make it easier to find extensions by each of the different categories.
  • Con: Same link appears in multiple places, so takes longer to insert a new one and harder to maintain.

Current article format:

  • Pro: Link in only one place, so faster and easier to insert new one and to maintain list
  • Con: Table is arranged only by company name, so if there are a lot of companies with extensions, it's harder to view the list of profile names and of extensions by element.

Votes and comments

Which do you prefer, and why??

  • Current article format (3 separate sections)
    • Because blah. signherewithfourtildes
  • Format shown above
    • Because blah. signherewithfourtildes

Elf 19:00, 12 May 2007 (PDT)