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==More compact main page layout==
==More compact main page layout==
Testing at [[Main Page/layout test 1]].  [[User:Elf|Elf]] 11:34, 18 May 2007 (PDT)
Testing at [[Main Page/layout test 1]].  [[User:Elf|Elf]] 11:34, 18 May 2007 (PDT)
== Darley's Attack Single Jacket Fire Hose ==
[http://www.fhsind.com/ industrial hose] Structure connected with Extruded Interlocking Matrix having 100% A suitable Unnatural Nitrile Ribbed Plastic in addition to 100% Even, Unnatural Nitrile Plastic Intrinsic Ship.
[http://www.fhsind.com/hoses/layflat-hose/ layflat hose] Training comprehension Controlling: This uniquely produced intrinsic ship in this flame hese having sturdy support ensures utmost move having minimum amount chaffing burning. Rough & Sturdy: This Darley Episode Flame Hese is usually exclusively made that has a plastic element of which comes with a rough handle of which resists grab in addition to damaging the teeth, snags, sizzling embers, pieces and the majority compounds.
[http://www.fhsind.com/hoses/fire-hose/ fire hose] That flame hese is made for Pass on growing, Tandem growing, Aerial apparatus source, Freeze flame saving, Out of the way mineral water source, Manufacturing flame dealing with along with the Armed forces.

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More compact main page layout

Testing at Main Page/layout test 1. Elf 11:34, 18 May 2007 (PDT)