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collada newsletter so far

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           April 6, 2007

           COLLADA Community News
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           COLLADA Newsletter

In this Issue
  • <a color="#000000" href="#column" shape="rect" style="COLOR: #000000;">COLLADA Contest</a>
  • <a color="#000000" href="#article1" shape="rect" style="COLOR: #000000;">Khronos Releases White Paper on Developing Web Applications with COLLADA and X3D</a>
  • <a color="#000000" href="#article2" shape="rect" style="COLOR: #000000;">GDC 2007 News Round Up</a>
  • <a color="#000000" href="#article3" shape="rect" style="COLOR: #000000;">First COLLADA flash games using Papervision 3D</a>
  • <a color="#000000" href="#article4" shape="rect" style="COLOR: #000000;">CLManager - COLLADA Utilities</a>
  • <a color="#000000" href="#article5" shape="rect" style="COLOR: #000000;">XNA game engine Using COLLADA</a>
  • <a color="#000000" href="#article6" shape="rect" style="COLOR: #000000;">GIS 3D Data Support</a>
  • <a color="#000000" href="#article8" shape="rect" style="COLOR: #000000;">FlashLib - Using Flash Library assets in Flex2</a>
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       COLLADA Contest

How To Enter

Participants must write one or more conditioners for the COLLADA Refinery. Example entries are:

  • An importer conditioner (load .3ds, .obj, .x3d, .vrml, cad, terrain )
  • An exporter conditioner (to a game engine, or other formats .3ds, .obj, .x3d)
  • Data processing for content pipeline (processing of geometry, optimization, conversion)
  • Debugging and monitoring tools (statistics, diff tool)
  • Automatic LOD generation - takes a geometry and creates a specified number of LOD geometries with names like (GeometryID)_LOD_1

       <a color="#333366" href="" shape="rect" style="COLOR: #333366;">Find out more....</a>

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If you want to check out the book before you buy...

       <a color="#333366" href="" shape="rect" style="COLOR: #333366;">Gamasutra is currently offering a six page excerpt COLLADA: Sailing the Gulf of 3D Digital Content Creation, specifically the book's opening chapter.</a>


COLLADA Book by Member:

       <a href="" shape="rect"><img alt="Book - COLLADA" border="0" height="110" hspace="0" src="" vspace="0" width="73"/></a>
       <a color="#333366" href="" shape="rect" style="COLOR: #333366;">Collada: Sailing the Gulf of 3d Digital Content Creation 
Remi Arnaud (Author),
Mark C. Barnes (Author)</a>



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New version of Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended includes Khronos Group's COLLADA for 3D support

COLLADA has redefined game development by making simpler and more fun to create 3D content

The Khronos group is pleased to announce that the new Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended, has selected COLLADA breaks new ground with the addition of 3D support. Users can import 3D content from most major 3D CAD and modeling programs using industry standard formats including COLLADA.

Photoshop is already widely used for many imaging applications including the creation of textures and special effects. The ability to bring in and work with 3D content expands the usefulness of Photoshop for content creation applications including game development, film and video production, and scientific visualization.

           <a name="article1" shape="rect"/>
               Khronos Releases White Paper on Developing Web Applications with COLLADA and X3D

Dr. Remi Arnaud from Sony CE and Tony Parisi of Media Machines Inc., and a Web3D board member, have collorarated on a white paper that sheds light on the compatible relationship between COLLADA and X3D. Both COLLADA and X3D are royalty-free open standards that use XML schema technology to represent 3D content.

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               GDC 2007 News Round Up

XNA Games Made in Four Days

One of the activities that was announced to be held at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2007 was the XNA Game Studio Express Challenge. The Challenge basically required four developer teams from four countries to each come up with a completed XNA game (from scratch) in four days.

NVIDIA announced six new developer tools at GDC 2007

NVIDIA announced six new developer tools at GDC 2007. In case you missed it, the tools are:

  • FX Composer 2. Featuring DirectX and OpenGL support via HLSL, Cg, and COLLADA FX, as well as powerful pipeline integration features for real production environments.
  • Shader Library . The world's largest shader library.
  • SDK 10 . All-new code samples for DirectX and OpenGL .

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           <a name="article3" shape="rect"/>
               First COLLADA flash games using Papervision 3D
               <a href="" shape="rect"><img align="left" border="0" height="135.5" hspace="5" src="" vspace="5" width="169.5"/></a>

Anyone remember the original 1992 Xwing game? When you first started playing the game, you had to do Obstacle courses to learn how to fly the various ships. They all had their strengths and you needed to learn how to navigate using those strengths basically.

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               CLManager - COLLADA Utilities
               <a href="" shape="rect"><img align="left" border="0" height="73.25" hspace="5" src="" vspace="5" width="84.75"/></a>

CLManager is a utility program designed to aid in the content management of Collada DAE files. The program supports versions 1.4.0 and 1.4.1, and saves to both versions.

About CLManager

Nodes can be copied, removed and rearranged. Libraries can be created, removed, sorted or merged. Node ids and their references can also be changed.

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           <a name="article5" shape="rect"/>
               XNA game engine Using COLLADA
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Benjamin Nitschke has posted a fantastic XNA tutorial about skeletal bone animation and skinning using Collada models, which allow for complex animations exported as XML that DirectX .X files can't handle.


           <a name="article6" shape="rect"/>
               GIS 3D Data Support

GIS systems are based on the vast amount of data. And we are talking here about maintaining enormous databases which eventually have to be updated as well. However, still there is a lot of static-data, based on offline sources - CD‚s for instance. We have to bear in mind that when it comes to decisions or visualizations made in GIS, we got to keep that data as fresh as possible in order to make GIS and our work valuable.

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               FlashLib - Using Flash Library assets in Flex2

Grant Skinner just posted his FlashLib extension for the Flash 9 alpha IDE / Flash CS3 with a great explanation of how it prepares your library for use in Flex2. He calls em' "Shake n' Bake SWF's", I call em' buiscuits of joy! Ok enough with the Southern references.

               <a color="#000000" href="" shape="rect" style="COLOR: #000000;FONT-WEIGHT: bold;">Full Story</a>

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