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Welcome to the COLLADA products directory portal
Information and articles related to products that support COLLADA

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This is information about products that provide COLLADA plug-ins or that import or export COLLADA. This information is submitted by various vendors and users.

Note: This list is not an endorsement of any kind. If you want your product added to the list, go ahead and add it; see instructions for adding to the list of products.

List of products

Follow the product-name link to see the latest version, when it was released, where to get it, where to report bugs, and who is the provider/maintainer.

Product Company Extension directory page
3dsMax (ColladaMax) Feeling Software Feeling Software ColladaMax extensions
Agent FX Agency 9
Anark Anark Corporation
Autocad Autodesk
Blender (ColladaBlender) Illusoft
Bullet physics Bullet Physics Library
C4 engine Terathon Software
COLLADA DOM Sony Computer Entertainment US R&D
ColladaLoader sourceforge project
COLLADA Refinery Sony Computer Entertainment US R&D
Crosswalk|SDK Softimage
DAZ Studio DAZ Productions
DeleD Delgine 3D Tools
DX Studio Worldweaver Ltd
FCollada Feeling Software Feeling Software FCollada extensions
Feeling Engine Feeling Software
FX Composer 2.0 NVIDIA NVIDIA FX Composer 2 extensions
Google Earth earth.google.com
Horde 3D Next Generation Graphics Engine
Houdini Side Effects Software Inc.
Irrlicht sourceforge project
jME Java Monkey Engine
Lightsprint Lightsprint s.r.o.
Milkshape 3D chUmbaLum sOft
Maya (ColladaMaya) Feeling Software Feeling Software ColladaMaya extensions
MotionBuilder Feeling Software
Menu Master Omegame
Microstation Bentley Systems
Modo Luxology
Multiverse Multiverse
Newton Dynamics Newton Dynamics
Ogre OGRE 3D
OpenSceneGraph Open Scene Graph
Papervision 3D Papervision web site
Photoshop Adobe
Quest3D act-3D
SketchUp Google Sketchup
Remo3D Remograph
ShiVa StoneTrip
TrueSpace Caligari
Unity Unity Technologies
Unreal Engine Epic Games
Unwrap 3D Ultimate Unwrap 3D
Virtools Virtools, A Dassault Systèmes Company
VisualNatureStudio 3D Nature, LLC
xNormal xNormal web site
XSI (Crosswalk) Softimage Softimage XSI extensions
XSI 6 Mod Tool (Crosswalk) Softimage Softimage XSI extensions