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This is the extension directory for COLLADA <extra> and <technique> extension definitions.

Instructions for adding to this list
  1. Add a row to the following table:
    • In the first column, insert a link for your company of the format "companyname productname extensions"; for example:
      Softimage XSI extensions
    • In the "Profile names" column, put the name specified in <technique profile="yourprofilename">; for example:
    • In the third column, add the list of elements for which you provide extensions.
  2. Save this article.
  3. Click your new link to create your article. Tips:
 | company = yourcompanyname
 | product = productname }}

Extensions directory listings

Link (by company) Profile= name Elements extended
Softimage XSI extensions XSI
  • <camera>
  • <image>
  • <light>
  • <node>
Companyname Product extensions ABC
  • <camera>
  • <image>

See also

  • (add links here as appropriate)