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* [[Promoting COLLADA extensions]]
* [[Promoting COLLADA extensions]]
* [[Syntax rules for COLLADA extensions]]
* [[Syntax rules for COLLADA extensions]]
* [[Public Sample COLLADA Extension]]
* [[EXT_Morph_Weights_Extension|Example Extension using EXT_Morph_Weights]]

==Extensions Directory Listings==
==Extensions Directory Listings==

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Welcome to the COLLADA extensions portal

This is the COLLADA extensions directory where vendors may follow the official COLLADA Extensions Process to publish their extensions, described in these pages.

These extensions are based on the COLLADA extensibility mechanisms that involve the use of the following elements: <extra>, <technique>, and <input>. Parametrization of effects is left out of this definition.

Add your extensions!

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COLLADA Extension Process Documents

These documents describe the COLLADA Extensions Process as defined by the Khronos COLLADA work group.

Extensions Directory Listings

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