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==For the DOM Maintainers==
==For the DOM Maintainers==
* [["Building third party libraries for the COLLADA DOM]]
* [[Building third party libraries for the COLLADA DOM]]
* [[COLLADA DOM release packages|Release packages]]
* [[COLLADA DOM release packages|Release packages]]

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Welcome to the COLLADA DOM portal
Collected information about the COLLADA DOM API

Portals:  • Products  • Extensions  • Tools  • Conditioners  • COLLADA DOM  • Coherency Test  • Tech topics  • Tutorials

This COLLADA DOM portal is a place to collect links for information about the API. Anyone can browse those pages, insert questions, add more material, and so on. So please do. For more info, see editing wiki articles.

User guide

The COLLADA Document Object Model (DOM) is a C++ library for loading and saving COLLADA data.

For the DOM Maintainers

COLLADA DOM - Version 2.4 Historical Reference
List of main articles under the DOM portal.
User Guide chapters:  • Intro  • Architecture  • Setting up  • Working with documents  • Creating docs  • Importing docs  • Representing elements  • Working with elements  • Resolving URIs  • Resolving SIDs  • Using custom COLLADA data  • Integration templates  • Error handling

Systems:  • URI resolver  • Meta  • Load/save flow  • Runtime database  • Memory • StringRef  • Code generator
Additional information:  • What's new  • Backward compatibility  • Future work
Terminology categories:  • COLLADA  • DOM  • XML