Open Letter Update June 2012

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Dear Friends of COLLADA,

The COLLADA working group would like to share our progress since the March GDC meet-up on making COLLADA robust for the community. Firstly, as requested by many community members, the COLLADA Conformance Test Suite (CTS) will be open sourced and moved to GitHub! This test suite is vital to creating and sustaining reliable COLLADA import/export. Making the suite open will create an effective tool to generate and share test suite fixes and help propagate refinements between the key authoring tool pipelines. Additionally, opening the suite will provide community access to an extensive set of reference COLLADA files.

For those that are interested there is a COLLADA conformance test suite tutorial:

Secondly, we can confirm that the OpenCOLLADA project will receive catalyst funding from Khronos to fix outstanding bugs and commence the integration of OpenCOLLADA into the open source test suite and will also eventually be moved to GitHub. Khronos will be issuing a Request for Quotations (RFQ) for this project.

Khronos is continuing to reinforce its commitment to COLLADA – but we also need your feedback. For example, is moving the test suite and OpenCOLLADA source to GitHub acceptable for everyone? Are you interested to receive a copy of the RFQ to decide whether to bid on the OpenCOLLADA RFQ?

We have established a public mailing list for your input and ongoing discussions with the COLLADA community. To follow and contribute to our progress, please subscribe by sending an email to [email protected] with the line 'subscribe public_collada' in the body of your message. You will receive an email with instructions asking you to confirm your email address. Once you are subscribed, you can send messages to list by emailing [email protected].

The COLLADA working group looks forward to hearing from you!

Fabrice Robinet COLLADA Working Group Chair