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Product information
  • Name: OpenCOLLADA
  • Purpose: COLLADA SDK and plug-ins for Max and Maya
  • Last updated: September 18th 2008
  • Current version: 1.2.0
  • Status: Released
  • OS: Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.
  • Report bugs
  • Product info
  • Maintainer: The Khronos Group Inc.
  • Contact for technical issues:


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OpenCOLLADA is a COLLADA SDK that includes plug-ins for Autodesk Maya and 3ds Max.

OpenCOLLADA Update

"26 July 2012"

  • OpenCOLLADA has been moved to the Khronos Group github repositories
  • Additional information on this change can be found in the Open Letter Update June 2012

OpenCOLLADA 1.2.2

18 September 2009

  • Further performance optimization on exporting
  • Export user defined properties of Max nodes into an extra element of the corresponding COLLADA node
  • Do not export the unused black effect of the root node
  • Option in export dialog to export user defined properties of max nodes
  • Fix bug in export of new lines in user defined properties
  • Option in export dialog to copy texture images
  • Option in export dialog to use relative paths for images
  • Options in export dialog are saved and loaded, i.e. the dialog always shows the last set options
  • No export of wire frame materials of none mesh nodes
  • Correct miss spelled extra parameter "ambient_diffuse_lexture_lock" to "ambient_diffuse_texture_lock"
  • Add policy merge module to fix bug with 32bit Max on 64bit Windows

OpenCOLLADA 1.1.0

30 July 2009

OpenCOLLADA for 3ds Max and Maya are available for immediate Download!

What's new:

  • Windows 32bit and 64bit releases for 3ds Max 8,9,2008,2009,2010 and Maya 2008/2009
  • Mac OS X releases for Maya 2008/2009
  • Google Warehouse integration into 3ds Max
  • Full support for importing and exporting COLLADA 1.4.1 and 1.5.0 files
  • Unrivaled performance

New COLLADA Validator available: An OpenCOLLADA based Validator for COLLADA 1.4.1 and 1.5.0 files is available for immediate Download!

What's included in this release:

  • Stream based validation
  • Command line interface
  • Full support for validating COLLADA 1.4.1 and 1.5.0 files
  • Unrivaled performance

ColladaMaya NextGen 0.8.2

19 December 2008

First release of the next generation Maya plug-ins packaged as Microsoft Installers (*.msi). Available are installers for 32bit and 64bit Windows.

COLLADAMaya_0.8.2_x64.msi includes plug-ins for:

  • Maya 2008
  • Maya 2009

COLLADAMaya_0.8.2_x86.msi includes plug-ins for:

  • Maya 2008
  • Maya 2009

COLLADAMaya_0.8.2_bin_osmac.tar.gz includes plug-ins for:

  • Maya 2008
  • Maya 2009

ColladaMaya NextGen

12 August 2008

First release of the next generation plug-in offering higher performance data export. In contrast to the existing COLLADA exporters for Maya, this new plug-in does not store the COLLADA document into an intermediate data model but writes it directly to file. This leads to a dramatic reduction of memory consumption and to much better performance.

  • Scene graph
    • Transform nodes
    • Multiple object instances
  • Geometry
    • Mesh
      • POLYLIST, POLYGONS (also with holes) or TRIANGLES
  • Materials / Effects
    • Texture and color materials
    • Materials Phong, Blinn and Lambert
  • Animation
    • Rotation / Transformation
    • Sampled animation
    • Expressions
    • Animation clips
  • Instances
    • Visual scenes
    • Geometries
    • Materials
    • Effects
    • Animations (clips)
    • Nodes

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