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Product information


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COLLADAMaya NextGen is a COLLADA exporter plug-in for Autodesk Maya.

ColladaMaya NextGen

12 August 2008

First release of the next generation plug-in offering higher performance data export. In contrast to the existing COLLADA exporters for Maya, this new plug-in does not store the COLLADA document into an intermediate data model but writes it directly to file. This leads to a dramatic reduction of memory consumption and to much better performance.

Already implemented Features

  • Scene graph
    • Transform nodes
    • Multiple object instances
  • Geometry
    • Mesh
      • POLYLIST, POLYGONS (also with holes) or TRIANGLES
  • Materials / Effects
    • Texture and color materials
    • Materials Phong, Blinn and Lambert
  • Animation
    • Rotation / Transformation
    • Sampled animation
    • Expressions
    • Animation clips
  • Instances
    • Visual scenes
    • Geometries
    • Materials
    • Effects
    • Animations (clips)
    • Nodes