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* Polygons elements with initial vertices at concave locations.
* Polygons elements with initial vertices at concave locations.
** Fixed for next build (33092).
** Fixed for next build (33092).
* Hole conversion in polygons elements with variable maximum index offsets (SketchUp).
** Fixed for next build (33141).
* Polylist elements with initial vertices at concave locations (SketchUp).
* Polylist elements with initial vertices at concave locations (SketchUp).
* Polygons elements with more than one hole (SketchUp).
* Polygons elements with more than one hole (SketchUp).

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modo 401 is a Digital Content Creation tool from Luxology. It has COLLADA support through the modo COLLADA plug-in.


The modo COLLADA plug-in requires modo 401 SP1 (build 31886) or later, running on either Mac OS X (Intel or PowerPC) or Windows (32-bit or 64-bit).


The modo COLLADA exporter can output geometry with normals and multiple UV texture coordinate sets, lights, cameras, materials, effects, and transform animations, all using a “common” technique that is compatible with a wide variety of third-party tools.

The exporter can also output a modo401 profile technique, that provides a human-readable form of many of modo’s items and their internal channels and animation envelopes. Users familiar with the COLLADA file format can also directly edit the exported files using a plain text or XML editing tool.

For additional compatibility with third-party tools, the exporter can also output profiles for a number of third-party DCC tools, such as Autodesk Maya and 3ds Max, that describe a number of elements that are not part of the standard COLLADA specification.

modo COLLADA 401 SP1 build 32945 released

21 September 2009

Package Name: modo COLLADA 401 SP1 build 32945

Release: Build 32945

Release notes: modoCOLLADA_32945.pdf

Highlights of Build 32945

  • Mac OS X version built on Leopard (10.5) to fix missing symbol.
  • Item mask observed when writing out common material properties.
  • Save and load pivot transforms and their inverses (*SP2).
  • Fixed crash when saving modo profile param animation.
  • Effects that have transparent color load with transparent amount.
  • Handle third-party extra technique profiles attached to lights.
  • Handle texcoord array in STP form (from 3ds Max).
  • Work around issue with progress bar during import.
  • Various issues with XSI Bike example, including transform sequences (*SP2).
  • Support for constant effects (for the XSI Bike headlight).
  • Scene load of transform for straw in styrofoam cup sample (*SP2).
  • Fixes for transform sequence read/write order (*SP2).
  • Recognition of post- vs standard-rotate transforms (*SP2).
  • Fixes for texcoord index lookup for multiple UV map sets per polygons, polylist, or triangles.
  • Applied NCName filtering for geometry names.
  • Skip writing image libraries when all texture locators are unlinked.
  • Support for polygons elements (as seen in “formica rufa” model).

(*SP2) Effective upon release of modo 401 SP2.

Known Issues as of Build 32945

Sorted roughly by priority:

  • Node elements with multiple instance_geometry elements (SketchUp).
    • Fixed for next build (32984).
  • Mixed geometry mesh types per node during scene load (SketchUp).
    • Fixed for next build (33004).
  • Polygons elements with holes (SketchUp).
    • Single inner loops fixed for next build (33018, 33092, 33100).
  • Polygons elements with initial vertices at concave locations.
    • Fixed for next build (33092).
  • Hole conversion in polygons elements with variable maximum index offsets (SketchUp).
    • Fixed for next build (33141).
  • Polylist elements with initial vertices at concave locations (SketchUp).
  • Polygons elements with more than one hole (SketchUp).
  • Deal with transform sequences for ambient light (create a locator).
  • PolyRender channel I/O.
  • Render Camera target for Shade Tree Render item.
  • Add user value to export cfg for modo COLLADA build number in asset tag.
  • Polygon "face" or "subdiv" types: polylist/triangle extra param to note all polys of same type.
  • Item tags.
  • Add "item_name" to modo profile, for unfiltered name I/O.
  • Profile defs should sit in separate .h and .cpp files for each profile.
  • Use package API for light target channels (cameras already enabled for modo 401 SP2).
  • User channel saving and loading. (Needs more user channel APIs?)
  • Group list saving and loading. (Needs packages API?)
  • modo profile sub-type for locator vs group locator.
  • Fix distant relative image file path I/O.
  • Observe double-sided option in Google Earth/Sketchup profile.
  • If all transform axis keyframes have values at common times across all axes, then output scale, rotate, and translate animation channel elements as triplets instead of per-axis values.
  • Handle combined-triplet channel transforms on import as well.
  • Matrix animation subscript indexing (see sample 3ds Max files)
  • Profile params for rotate pivot and pivot compensation transform types.
  • Import up-axis.
  • Import units.
  • Polygon part tags.
  • Arbitrary polygon tags.
  • Fix remaining usages of "io" class variable.
  • Full shader tree I/O for materials.
  • Need full envelope I/O for render, materials, cameras, lights, and meshes.
  • Keyframe behavior mode.
  • Morph sets.
  • Load skin controllers. (Test with Spore models.)
  • Support for ZAE zip compression sub-format.
  • Performance optimizations.
  • Triangulate scene saver option.
  • Physics library.

Previous Build 32654

31 August 2009

Changes in Build 32654

  • Valid scene file saved for scenes that only have ambient light.
  • Search more than one technique profile within a single extra element.

Previous Build 32619

28 August 2009

Changes in Build 32619

  • Recognize multiple instance nodes pointing at same node, and convert to modo instance.
  • Export geometry instances during scene save.
  • Filter out scale transforms for cameras during scene load.
  • Allow animation envelopes with missing interpolation inputs.
  • Better handling for isolated or post-rotate transform sequences.
  • Load polylines defined by the <lines> element.
  • Defer to global asset up-axis when visual scene does not have asset of its own.
  • Basic light sub-type I/O (area, dome, cylinder, photometric, etc.)
  • Primary light material color I/O.
  • Relink texture locator UV maps after scene load with component-based (instanced) mesh items.
  • Preflight checks to prevent invalid libraries generated for scenes with empty meshes or no meshes at all.

Previous Build 32472

21 August 2009

Changes in Build 32472

  • Dramatic speed-up of scene saving (over 20x for some scenes).
  • Support for saving and loading cameras with targets (to be enabled once modo 401 SP2 is released).
  • Additional light channel save and load support in the modo401 profile.
  • Moved scene up axis into <visual_scene> / <asset>, instead of using a custom modo401 profile param.
  • Added a progress bar during scene load.
  • Fixed a crash caused by initial rotation transforms that affect fewer than three axes.
  • Fixed various compile-time issues for GCC 4 (Snow Leopard).
  • Additional error handling.

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