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Product information
  • Name: Microstation
  • Purpose: CAD tool
  • Last updated: date
  • Current version: V8 XM
  • Status: released_etc
  • OS: unstated
  • Forum
  • Maintainer: Bentley Microsystems
  • Contact for technical issues:


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Microstation is a CAD DCC tool that supports COLLADA.

MicroStation’s Google Earth Tools Integration

MicroStation users: Publish DGN and DWG models from your desktop to the Google Earth™ 2D/3D environment. Zoom to any place on the planet with the touch of a button. MicroStation is the first single-point solution to publish geospatially located 2D/3D models complete with 2D GIS data directly to the Google Earth environment.

Microstation 8i collada.png