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'''Registering a free account takes only a few seconds.'''<br> (Currently, your COLLADA wiki and COLLADA forum  usernames are unrelated; you can use the same name for both but will still need to sign in to each individually. This will eventually change.)
<font color="red">'''By registering an account, you agree to the collada.org [https://collada.org/legal/tos.php Terms of Service].'''</font>
*'''Username:''' All usernames ''will'' begin with a capitalized letter.
** Do not use an e-mail address as your username. It will be very visible, and make you a target of spammers. Also see restrictions below.
** Your username will frequently appear publicly on the site;  consider the pros and cons of using your real name.
*'''Password:''' choose a password that is different from your username and that would be difficult to guess.
*:<font color="red">'''For your own security, please choose a <u>''secure password.''</u><!--  See [[Password strength]] or [[Wikipedia:Don't leave your fly open|this essay]] for help in choosing a strong password.''' --> </font>
*'''E-mail address:''' You must specify a valid e-mail address to be able to edit, and it is also the ''only way'' to retrieve a forgotten password.
*'''Real name:'''
Fill in the fields and click '''create account'''.
===Your username must '''''not''''' contain:===
*offensive, confusing, random or unreadable text or characters
*words like "bot" or "script" that refer to automated editing processes
*titles like "admin" or "sysop" that imply authority on this wiki
*domain names
*You must have cookies enabled to log in to this wiki.

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