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Extension information
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<extra>/<technique profile="modo401">/<param> Elements

Category: (core) Lighting (See list of specification categories)
Introduction: Describes custom light settings, including various light sub-types supported by modo 401.


The modo render engine provides a general purpose collection of light settings and light sub-types, including both the basic directional, point, and spot lights specified by the common COLLADA technique, as well as more specialized light sub-types such as area lights and physically correct sunlights.
Name Type Description Required?
sid xs:ncname A unique symbol within the technique; one for each param. Yes
name xs:ncname A user-friendly name for the param. No
Related Elements
Parent element(s) <visual_scene>
Extra and/or Technique <extra>/<technique profile="modo401">
Child elements None
Shared Light Param Child Elements
sid name Description type Default Occurrences Named values
lightType Light_Type Sub-type of the light Name N/A 1 area_light, cylinder_light, dome_light, photometric_light, point_light, spot_light, sun_light
render Render If light contributes to the final rendered scene Name default 0 or 1 on, off, default
size Display_Size Size of the light apparatus in the 3D viewport float 1.0 0 or 1
dissolve Dissolve Amount by which light effect is faded float 0.0 0 or 1
radiance Radiant_Intensity Watts per volumetric meter float 3.0 1
samples Samples Samples used for soft edge shadows int 64 0 or 1
shadType Shadow_Type Shadow rendering method Name raytrace 0 or 1 none, raytrace, shadowmap
shadRes Shadow_Resolution Resolution of calculated deep shadow map int 1024 0 or 1
fast Simple_Shading If specular and diffuse calculated regardless of spread angle bool true 0 or 1
Sunlight Sub-type Child Elements
sid name Description type Default Occurrences Named values
azimuth Azimuth Arc of the horizon measured clockwise float 0 1
clamp Clamp_Intensity If overall brightness of the sun is limited bool true 1
day Day Year * 1000 + Day of the Year int 2009172 1
elevation Elevation Angle of altitude off the horizon float 0 1
haze Haze Amount of haze in the air float 2 1
height Height Depth of volume extending from front of light float 10 1
lat Latitude Latitude in radians float 0.655057 1
lon Longitude Longitude in radians float -2.13456 1
mapSize Map_Size Size of shadow map, in meters float 2 1
north North Offset for north direction float 0 1
radius Radius Circular region around the light, where volume effect originates float 0.5 1
spread Spread Angle to control edge softness float 0 1
sunPos Sun_Position Physical sun positioned by time and location. bool false 0 or 1
time Time Time of day float 12 0 or 1
timeZone Time_Zone Time zone float -8 0 or 1
volumetrics Volumetrics If volumetric lighting is enabled. bool false 0 or 1
vdissolve Volumetrics_Dissolve Percentage to fade volumetrics by. float 0 0 or 1
vsamples Volumetric_Samples Number of samples for volumetrics. int 40 0 or 1


modo 401 supports the following light sub-types, as indicated by the initial param element identified by the "lightType" sid, as shown in the table, "Shared Light Param Child Elements" above, and also as shown in the example later in this article:
  • area_light
  • cylinder_light
  • dome_light
  • photometric_light
  • point_light
  • spot_light
  • sun_light
Each of these light sub-types shares common light param elements, followed by the light sub-type-specific params, as shown in the tables above.


       <light id="Light-Directional_Light" name="Directional_Light">
                   <color sid="directional_light_rgb">1 1 1</color>
                <technique profile="modo401">
                   <param sid="lightType" name="Light_Type" type="Name">sun_light</param>
                   <param sid="render" name="Render" type="Name">default</param>
                   <param sid="size" name="Display_Size" type="float">1</param>
                   <param sid="dissolve" name="Dissolve" type="float">0</param>
                   <param sid="radiance" name="Radiant_Intensity" type="float">3</param>
                   <param sid="samples" name="Samples" type="int">64</param>
                   <param sid="shadType" name="Shadow_Type" type="Name">raytrace</param>
                   <param sid="shadRes" name="Shadow_Resolution" type="int">1024</param>
                   <param sid="fast" name="Simple_Shading" type="bool">true</param>
                   <param sid="azimuth" name="Azimuth" type="float">0</param>
                   <param sid="clamp" name="Clamp_Intensity" type="bool">true</param>
                   <param sid="day" name="Day" type="int">2009172</param>
                   <param sid="elevation" name="Elevation" type="float">0</param>
                   <param sid="haze" name="Haze" type="float">2</param>
                   <param sid="height" name="Height" type="float">10</param>
                   <param sid="lat" name="Latitude" type="float">0.655057</param>
                   <param sid="lon" name="Longitude" type="float">-2.13456</param>
                   <param sid="mapSize" name="Map_Size" type="float">2</param>
                   <param sid="north" name="North" type="float">0</param>
                   <param sid="radius" name="Radius" type="float">0.5</param>
                   <param sid="spread" name="Spread" type="float">0</param>
                   <param sid="sunPos" name="Sun_Position" type="bool">false</param>
                   <param sid="time" name="Time" type="float">12</param>
                   <param sid="timeZone" name="Time_Zone" type="float">-8</param>
                   <param sid="volumetrics" name="Volumetrics" type="bool">false</param>
                   <param sid="vdissolve" name="Volumetrics_Dissolve" type="float">0</param>
                   <param sid="vsamples" name="Volumetric_Samples" type="int">40</param>