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Extension information
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<extra>/<technique profile="modo401">/<param> Elements

Category: (core) Lighting (See list of specification categories)
Introduction: Describes custom light settings, including various light sub-types supported by modo 401.


The modo render engine provides a general purpose collection of light settings and light sub-types, including both the basic directional, point, and spot lights specified by the common COLLADA technique, as well as more specialized light sub-types such as area lights and physically correct sunlights.
Name Type Description Required?
sid xs:ncname A unique symbol within the technique; one for each param. Yes
name xs:ncname A user-friendly name for the param. No
Related Elements
Parent element(s) <visual_scene>
Extra and/or Technique <extra>/<technique profile="modo401">
Child elements None
Light sub-type sun_light Child Elements
sid name Description type Default Occurrences Named values
lightType Light_Type Sub-type of the light Name N/A 1 sun_light
render Render If light contributes to the final rendered scene Name default 0 or 1 on, off, default
size Display_Size Size of the light apparatus in the 3D viewport float 1.0 0 or 1
dissolve Dissolve Amount by which light effect is faded float 0.0 0 or 1
radiance Radiant_Intensity Watts per volumetric meter float 3.0 1
samples Samples Samples used for soft edge shadows int 64 0 or 1
shadType Shadow_Type Shadow rendering method Name raytrace 0 or 1 none, raytrace, shadowmap
shadRes Shadow_Resolution Resolution of calculated deep shadow map int 1024 0 or 1
fast Simple_Shading If specular and diffuse calculated regardless of spread angle bool true 0 or 1
azimuth Azimuth Arc of the horizon measured clockwise float 0 1
clamp Clamp_Intensity If overall brightness of the sun is limited bool true 1
day Day Year * 1000 + Day of the Year int 2009172 1
elevation Elevation Angle of altitude off the horizon float 0 1
haze Haze Amount of haze in the air float 2 1
height Height Depth of volume extending from front of light float 10 1
lat Latitude Latitude in radians float 0.655057 1
lon Longitude Longitude in radians float -2.13456 1
mapSize Map_Size Size of shadow map, in meters float 2 1
north North Offset for north direction float 0 1
radius Radius Circular region around the light, where volume effect originates float 0.5 1
spread Spread Angle to control edge softness float 0 1
sunPos Sun_Position Physical sun positioned by time and location. bool false 0 or 1
time Time Time of day float 12 0 or 1
timeZone Time_Zone Time zone float -8 0 or 1
volumetrics Volumetrics If volumetric lighting is enabled. bool false 0 or 1
vdissolve Volumetrics_Dissolve Percentage to fade volumetrics by. float 0 0 or 1
vsamples Volumetric_Samples Number of samples for volumetrics. int 40 0 or 1


modo 401 supports the following light sub-types, as indicated by the initial param element identified by the "lightType" sid, as shown in the example later in this article:
  • area_light
  • cylinder_light
  • dome_light
  • photometric_light
  • point_light
  • spot_light
  • sun_light


       <light id="Light-Directional_Light" name="Directional_Light">
                   <color sid="directional_light_rgb">1 1 1</color>
               <technique profile="modo401">
                   <param sid="lightType" name="Light_Type" type="Name">sun_light</param>
                   <param sid="azimuth" name="Azimuth" type="float">0</param>
                   <param sid="clamp" name="Clamp_Intensity" type="bool">true</param>
                   <param sid="day" name="Day" type="int">2009172</param>
                   <param sid="elevation" name="Elevation" type="float">0</param>
                   <param sid="haze" name="Haze" type="float">2</param>
                   <param sid="height" name="Height" type="float">10</param>
                   <param sid="lat" name="Latitude" type="float">0.655057</param>
                   <param sid="lon" name="Longitude" type="float">-2.13456</param>
                   <param sid="mapSize" name="Map_Size" type="float">2</param>
                   <param sid="north" name="North" type="float">0</param>
                   <param sid="radius" name="Radius" type="float">0.5</param>
                   <param sid="spread" name="Spread" type="float">0</param>
                   <param sid="sunPos" name="Sun_Position" type="bool">false</param>
                   <param sid="time" name="Time" type="float">12</param>
                   <param sid="timeZone" name="Time_Zone" type="float">-8</param>
                   <param sid="volumetrics" name="Volumetrics" type="bool">false</param>
                   <param sid="vdissolve" name="Volumetrics_Dissolve" type="float">0</param>
                   <param sid="vsamples" name="Volumetric_Samples" type="int">40</param>