Light XSI extension

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Extension information
  • Purpose: unstated
  • Company(s): Softimage
  • Product(s): XSI
  • Last updated: unstated
  • Contact for technical issues:
This article is part of the COLLADA extensions directory
Adding to the extensions directory

Softimage defines the following <light>/<extra>/<technique profile="XSI"> extension.

<light id="lights_0">
            <color>1.000000 1.000000 1.000000</color>
        <technique profile="XSI">
                    <xsi_param sid="FalloffActive">FALSE </xsi_param>
                    <xsi_param sid="FalloffMode">1 </xsi_param>
                    <xsi_param sid="Start">1.000000 </xsi_param>
                    <xsi_param sid="End">100.000000 </xsi_param>
                    <xsi_param sid="ShadowsActive">FALSE </xsi_param>
                    <xsi_param sid="Umbra">0.750000 </xsi_param>
                    <xsi_param sid="LightAsEnergy">FALSE </xsi_param>
                    <xsi_param sid="Factor">0.750000 </xsi_param>
                    <xsi_param sid="Intensity">0.750000</xsi_param>