Imager modo 401 extension

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Extension information
This article is part of the COLLADA extensions directory
Adding to the extensions directory

<extra>/<technique profile="modo401">/<param> Elements

Category: (core) Camera (See list of specification categories)
Introduction: Describes custom cameras, include the specialized camera imager settings supported by modo 401.


The modo render engine provides a general purpose camera, with an extended imager described in terms of an aperture size and an offset.
Name Type Description Required?
sid xs:ncname A unique symbol within the technique; one for each param. Yes
name xs:ncname A user-friendly name for the param. no
Related Elements
Parent element(s) <camera>/<imager>
Extra and/or Technique <extra>/<technique profile="modo401">
Child elements None
Child Elements
sid name Description type Default Occurrences Named values
apertureX Film_Width Width of the camera aperture float 0.036 1
apertureY Film_Height Height of the camera aperture float 0.024 1
offsetX Film_Offset_X Horizontal offset of the camera aperture float 0 0 or 1
offsetY Film_Offset_Y Vertical offset of the camera aperture float 0 0 or 1
filmFit Film_Fit Method for fitting the aperture Name fill 0 or 1 fill, horizontal, vertical, overscan


If the modo 401 imager extension is present, then at a minimum, the param elements for "apertureX" and "apertureY" must be present.


       <camera id="Camera-Camera" name="Camera">
               <technique profile="modo401">
                   <param sid="apertureX" name="Film_Width" type="float">0.036</param>
                   <param sid="apertureY" name="Film_Height" type="float">0.024</param>
                   <param sid="offsetX" name="Film_Offset_X" type="float">0</param>
                   <param sid="offsetY" name="Film_Offset_Y" type="float">0</param>
                   <param sid="filmFit" name="Film_Fit" type="Name">fill</param>