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Why didn't my search find any articles?

Unsuccessful searches are often caused by:

  • Searching for common words like "have" and "from", which are not indexed
  • Searching for words with fewer than 4 characters, which are not currently indexed
  • Specifying more than one search term (only pages containing all the search terms appear in the result).
  • Searching in the wrong namespace; most articles are in the Main namespace, but you might want info that's in the Help, COLLADA, or Category namespaces. Check the appropriate boxes at the bottom of the not-found search page and search again.

Search notes

  • Search seems to be only marginal for partial words (e.g., "accessor" is not currently finding most articles that contain "accessors"; not sure why--this might be an indexing problem, as "accessor" finds many articles with that as a partial word).
  • You can use "*" at the beginning or end of a word as a wildcard.
For example, searching for "template" takes you to the article named template. If, however, you want to search for articles containing the word "template", search for "*template*".

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For more information on searching the COLLADA wiki, see the Wikipedia Searching article, some of which is helpful for searching here.