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Wiki software allows you to turn any text into a link (like this) to another wiki article.

Here are some tips for naming articles.

Things to consider when naming articles

  • Use simple nouns, names, or phrases that would work well in a sentence.
  • Use singular, not plural, if at all possible. (This wiki's linking can add plurals easily in most cases but not subtract them.)
  • Use words in the titles that people are likely to search for and that you can use easily in sentences within other articles.
  • But be specific; the title should describe what's in the article. This wiki site might end up containing information about multiple products and COLLADA in general, so be specific when you need to be. Examples:
  • Avoid gratuitious punctuation and special characters, but use when needed.

Examples of useful article titles

  • COLLADA: This article could describe COLLADA and you can also just link to it in any sentence about COLLADA. For example:
    "Several companies worked together to develop COLLADA".
  • naming wiki articles: states clearly what it's about and is spelled & phrased so that it can be used in a sentence:
    "Before creating articles here, read more about naming wiki articles."

Examples of bad article titles

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