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Use the following notation for specific formatting:
{| border=1 cellspacing=0
!width=25%|To do this:
!Use this:
|Indicate a heading line
|Surround it with equal signs; start with double equal signs and then add more equal signs for lower-level headings.
|<nowiki>==Editing tips==</nowiki>
|Link to another article, such as [[COLLADA document]]
|Surround with double square brackets
|<nowiki>[[COLLADA document]]</nowiki>
|'''Bold''' text
|three single quotation marks
|''Italicize'' text
|two single quotation marks
**Indented bullet
|left-justified asterisk (*)
|<nowiki>*Single bullet </nowiki><br>
<nowiki>**Multiple asterisks for nested lists</nowiki>
#Numbered list item
#Another numbered item
|Left-justified pound sign (#)
|<nowiki>#First item.</nowiki><br />
<nowiki>#Second item.</nowiki>
|Indent a line:
:Here's an indent.
|Left-justified colon (more for more indents)
|<nowiki>:Here's an indent.</nowiki>
|Code example box
Like this.
|Indent a line one or more spaces.
|&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Like this
'''TIP:''' Put articles in categories using <nowiki>[[</nowiki>'''Category:'''<nowiki>catgname]]</nowiki>; for example: <nowiki>[[Category:Help]]</nowiki>
'''TIP:''' Put articles in categories using <nowiki>[[</nowiki>'''Category:'''<nowiki>catgname]]</nowiki>; for example: <nowiki>[[Category:Help]]</nowiki>

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About (overview)




Basic editing
Article names
Adding article

Policies and guidelines

Standard article layout
Review edits, spam



There are half a dozen things that a casual COLLADA wiki user might really like to know about editing and about using the articles here.

Editing and saving changes

To start editing, click the Edit tab at the top of the page.

To finish editing:

  1. Click Show preview at the bottom of the page, make sure everything looks OK, and type any additional changes.
  2. Type a brief note about what you edited in the Summary: box.
  3. Click Save page.


TIP: Put articles in categories using [[Category:catgname]]; for example: [[Category:Help]]

TIP: To see the formatting markup for any page, click the Edit tab.

TIP: You can experiment with editing and saving in the sandbox! So please do!

TIP: Sign your wiki username and date on talk pages (or anywhere else) using four tildes: ~~~~ (three tildes gives just your username)

Usage tips

  • Reviewing article changes: You can see what other users have changed in an article, and when, by clicking the history tab and comparing various versions with the current version, last (previous) version, or two selected versions.
  • Overall activity: You can see what people have been doing all over this wiki lately by clicking Recent changes on the left.
  • Key-page tracking: You can use your watchlist (my watchlist link at top right) to see who has changed articles of particular interest to you by watching the articles ("watch this page" when editing the page, or watch tab at top of page).
  • Emailing users: You can email any registered user by going to their user page (for example, by clicking their username in a History page) and clicking "E-mail this user" on the left.

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