Deindexer conditioner

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Conditioner information
  • Name: Deindexer
  • Purpose: Rearranges vertices indexes so that each Vertices will reference the corresponding Position, Normal, Texcoord with the same index number.
  • Last updated: July 10th, 2007
  • Current version: svn r56
  • Status: released
  • Created by: Herbert Law
  • Contact for technical issues: [email protected]


This article is part of the COLLADA conditioners directory
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Special notes and limitations

  • The size of source for position, normal, and texcoord might increase
  • Vertices indexes that have the same position, normal, and texcoord as an existing indexs will recycle the index.
  • If there skins referencing the mesh being deindexed, it will reaarange the index reference in skins also.
  • It works on polygons, polylist, triangles, trifans, tristrips, lines, linestrips.

Feature requests

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Known issues and bugs

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