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==How it works==
==How it works==
''How does this subsystem operate?''
:''How does this subsystem operate?''
Each blah blah blah
==Resolver example==
:''Describe an example use of the resolver subsystem''
==Related classes and functions==
==Related classes and functions==

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Summary: The resolver subsystem manages the resolution of URIs based on various URI schemes and filename extensions.


Anything more detailed about its purpose

Text here...

Default behavior

What kinds of default behavior does this subsystem exhibit and in what circumstances? Can you change the default?

By default, this subsystem resolves only COLLADA documents, whether internal or external references...

More text here...

How it works

How does this subsystem operate?

Each blah blah blah

Resolver example

Describe an example use of the resolver subsystem

Related classes and functions

  • DOM resolver class: summary text here, e.g.: An interface to inherit from for creating resolvers.
  • other?