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'''Summary:''' Internal notes on the '''[[COLLADA DOM]] memory system'''.
'''Summary:''' Internal notes on the '''[[COLLADA DOM]] memory system'''.

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Summary: Internal notes on the COLLADA DOM memory system.

Purpose: The daeMemory system is supposed to be a class that manages the COLLADA DOM's memory from different heap pools:

  • It overwrites malloc and free.
  • All dae classes overwrite new and delete to use the daeMemorySystem's malloc and free.

This has never been fully implemented. It actually makes it harder to profile the DOM because many memory profilers replace new/delete and malloc/free with their own functions but, since the DOM does that also, they don’t work.

COLLADA DOM - Version 2.4 Historical Reference
List of main articles under the DOM portal.
User Guide chapters:  • Intro  • Architecture  • Setting up  • Working with documents  • Creating docs  • Importing docs  • Representing elements  • Working with elements  • Resolving URIs  • Resolving SIDs  • Using custom COLLADA data  • Integration templates  • Error handling

Systems:  • URI resolver  • Meta  • Load/save flow  • Runtime database  • Memory • StringRef  • Code generator
Additional information:  • What's new  • Backward compatibility  • Future work
Terminology categories:  • COLLADA  • DOM  • XML