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This page documents the major new features and bug fixes in each release of the DOM since version 2.0.

New in 2.0 (released April 5 2008)

  • Added daeElement methods for working with element attributes and character data as strings: [get,set]Attribute, [get,set]CharData
  • Added xml tree navigation functions in daeElement: getChild, getDescendant, getAncestor
  • Added DAE::open and DAE::write, both of which work with file paths as well as URIs
  • Added Mac Framework support
  • Added PS3 support
  • Greatly simplified/improved make build architecture
  • Improved performance of loading large arrays
  • Fixed all (hopefully!) memory leaks. Memory leaks/errors are now checked for using valgrind
  • Added shared library support on Linux
  • Improved the sid ref resolver to make it more spec-compliant and simpler to use
  • Added a new xml parser. TinyXml can be used as an alternative to Libxml.
  • Improved URI, ID ref, and SID ref resolving. No more resolve() or resolveAll() calls
  • The DOM previously built as 5 separate static libs. Now it builds to just one lib.
  • The code generator source is now provided with the DOM
  • Added utility functions for converting URIs to/from file paths
  • Fixed several crashes and logic bugs
  • Added a make install rule for Linux/Mac

New in 2.1

  • MinGW is now supported as a compiler for the DOM
  • Fixed Visual Studio 2005 and 2008 builds
  • Fixed a crash caused by bad caching in daeURI, daIDRef, or daeSIDResolver
  • Added a new daeSidRef class, which provides a simpler interface for resolving sid refs