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  | name = DAZ 3D
  | name = DAZ Studio
  | purpose = 3D content
  | purpose = 3D content
  | last_updated = July 1, 2007
  | last_updated = August 30, 2007
  | current_version = Not Available
  | current_version =
  | status = Not Available
  | status = Not Available
  | os_list = Windows
  | os_list = Windows Mac
  | download_url =  
  | download_url =  
  | forum_url =  
  | forum_url =  

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Product information
  • Name: DAZ Studio
  • Purpose: 3D content
  • Last updated: August 30, 2007
  • Current version:
  • Status: Not Available
  • OS: Windows Mac
  • Product info
  • Maintainer: DAZ
  • Contact for technical issues:

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DAZ strives to bring 3D art directly to the masses by delivering the highest quality digital 3D content and software at the most affordable prices. Its COLLADA support is under development.

COLLADA Exporter for DAZ|Studio

August 1, 2006 This exporter was created as a proof of concept for SigGraph 2006. It is now obsolete and not available. It will be replaced by a new exporter with the next release of DAZ 3D.

COLLADA Exporter for DAZ|Studio

August 30, 2007 This version of DAZ|Studio contains an exporter for COLLADA 1.4. It handles skinning, morphs, materials and animations and can export full DAZ|Studio scenes to COLLADA. In DAZ|Studio some joints and morphs are interconnected or "driven" off of each other. For example, bending the elbow joint might automatically modify a morph that would make the bicep muscle bulge. You can export all these morphs and joints but the "driven" connections currently do not come out. In most modelers you can re-hook these connections and the character should work normally. The most common use of these driven connections are in clothing, which usually has a separate skeleton which is "driven" from the joints in the main character.

When working with DAZ|Studio, please be aware that many DAZ models contain extremely large textures and large numbers of polygons. While these export OK, some modeling tools can not handle textures or models of this size. Also, if you export a large number of morph targets for a complex model, the total number of vertices may become too large for some tools. If you experience problems with applications running out of memory, try reducing the size of the textures or reducing the number of morphs being exported.

External links

  • DAZ website provides tons of models for download to be used in your application