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Product information
  • Name: ColladaMotionBuilder
  • Purpose: unstated
  • Last updated: August 3rd 2007
  • Current version: 3.04B
  • Status: unstated
  • OS: unstated
  • Forum
  • Report bugs
  • Maintainer: Feeling Software
  • Contact for technical issues:


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ColladaMotionBuilder is a COLLADA exporter for Autodesk Motion Builder.

ColladaMotionBuilder 3.04E

14 September 2007

IMPORTANT: There have been many fixes in this second release of the plug-in and upgrading is strongly recommended.

New feature:

  • added export of texture placement parameters.

Please see the release note for more information.

ColladaMotionBuilder 3.04B has been released.

3 August 2007

Introducing an open-source COLLADA exporter for MotionBuilder.


  • Exports the scene graph with all instances and transforms.
  • Automatic sampling of non-standard or IK transforms.
  • Exports orthographic and perspective cameras and lights with all the relevant FCollada parameters.
  • Exports point, spot and directional lights with all the relevant FCollada parameters.
  • Exports the global ambient light parameters.
  • Exports mesh entities. For NPatch and NURBS entities: we export their tessellation.
  • Exports mesh entities with vertex positions/normals/texture coordinates.
  • Exports skin entities built on top of mesh entities.
  • Exports animation curves: TCB, Linear, Bezier and Step interpolation are supported.
  • Exports materials with/without textures.
  • Has options for:
    • Sampling all curves.
    • Exporting the system cameras.
    • Exporting the meshes as triangle strips.

Please see the release note for more information.