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ColladaMax is a COLLADA import and export plug-in for Autodesk 3ds Max.

ColladaMax 3.04E

14 September 2007

New feature:

  • added export of animation layers, as COLLADA animation clips.

Please see the release note for more information.

ColladaMax 3.04C

9 August 2007

Important fix:

  • avoid collisions in the name of bones when exporting multiple skinned mesh in one scene.

Please see the release note for more information.

ColladaMax 3.04B

3 August 2007

New features:

  • import of triangle strip and triangle fan polygons set: these will be re-exported as triangle lists.
  • import of <param> for profile_COMMON materials and material instances.

BACKWARD COMPATIBILITY NOTE: There is one noted non-backward compatible change. We fixed the inter-operability between our tools with regards to the shininess factor for the Blinn material. ColladaMax will now export a Blinn shininess value between 0 and 1 which corresponds marginally to ColladaMaya's.

Please see the release note for the list of fixes.

ColladaMax 3.03

July 2007

It improves the compliance with regards to standard materials, support for scrolling UV animations of bitmaps, and a slew of other bug fixes. New versions of ColladaMaya and FCollada were posted as well. Please read the changelog for more information. Registered users can download Feeling Software's COLLADA Tools on the Feeling Software website's Downloads section. Registration is free.

Please note that previous versions of Feeling Software's COLLADA tools had a compliance issue with regards to the transparency factor within standard material. This issue is now corrected, but:

Data exported with previous versions of our COLLADA tools may import with inverted transparency in ColladaMax 3.03 and ColladaMaya 3.03.