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COLLADA at Khronos booth at GDC 2007.

This is a summary of events that involve COLLADA, which occur at various places around the world. Click on an event for details.

Current events

Past events

  • SigGraph New Orleans - COLLADA booth and BOF , August 4-6, 2009 more info
  • Paris COLLADA plug-fest May 11, 2009 more info
  • FMX Stuttgart 2009 May 5-8: The New Game in Town: How CGI Can Harness the Power of Game Tech
    • Remi Arnaud, Sr. Graphics Architect, Intel Software and Services Group
    • Rita B. Turkowski, Technical Marketing Manager Graphics and Gaming, Intel Software and Services Group
  • GDC San Francisco 2009: Attend the "Khronos Developers University" Tuesday, March 24, including these COLLADA speakers:
    • Bruno Patatas delivers "Overview of COLLADA 1.4.2 and 1.5"
    • Suzy Defeyes delivers "COLLADA in Virtual Worlds"