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This page describes how to do a release of the DOM. This will likely only be useful for the DOM maintainers.

In the commands below, I have the 'sfdom' env var set to

Tag the release

svn copy $sfdom/trunk $sfdom/tags/2.0 -m "Tagging the 2.0 release of the DOM."

Build the release packages

We provide a Python script with the dom in the 'release' folder, called This script automates most of the process of building the binary and source zip files that will be put up on Sourceforge. Get the file by checking out the branch you're going to do a release from. For example, open up a shell and run:

svn co $sfdom/tags/2.0 2.0
2.0/dom/release/ --help

That will grab the release script and print instructions for how to use it.

Upload to Sourceforge

You have to copy the release packages to Sourceforge via ftp. Documentation is available on Sourceforge.

Once that's done you use the file release system (requires admin rights) to manage the files you've uploaded.