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Welcome to the Wiki Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
If you have a wiki question but no answer, start at the wiki help desk. (These questions are about the wiki, not about COLLADA; see the COLLADA FAQ.)
You can post a new question with an answer using the following link:
  • Include a concise question as the subject.
  • Include the answer below the subject.
  • Provide links when available--wikilinks to related articles in this wiki, or link to an online resource.
  • For long answers, create a new article and link to it from here.

Creating and editing articles

What title should I use for a new article?

See Help:Naming an article.

How do I create an article?

See Help:Adding an article.

How do I change an article's title?

See Help:Renaming an article.

How do I link to other articles or to external URLs?

See Help:Linking within wiki articles.

How do I delete an article?

See Help:Deleting an article.

How do I edit articles?

See Help:Editing wiki articles.

How do I format text in articles? Are there formatting conventions?

See Help:Formatting text.

Is there a policy on general layout of an article?

See Help:Standard article layout.

When I edit a page, instead of seeing the text that appeared on the displayed page, I see something in double braces ({{like this}}). What is this?


How do I create a table?

See Help:Creating tables in the wiki.

Can I copy an article's content into another article?

See Help:Copying an article.

Finding articles

How do I search in the wiki?

See Help:Searching

What are the best ways to browse the content of the wiki?

See Help:Browsing the wiki.

Why does a different but related article come up when I search for or click a link for a slightly different name or phrase?

See redirect and Help:Redirecting articles.


What are the "Categories" at the bottom of articles?

See category.

How do I add an article to a category?

See Help:adding an article to a category.

How do I create a new category and connect it into the category hierarchy?

See Help:adding an article to a category.


What are all the things listed when I click "Special pages" in the toolbox?

See Help:Special pages.

Can I subscribe to certain articles for email notification when they change?

You can't do it on an article-by-article basis, but you can subscribe to all articles in your watchlist. See Help:Monitoring articles by using your watchlist.

How do I sign and date my posts to talk pages?

See Help:Formatting text.

How do I upload and include images?=

See Help:Uploading a photo or picture.

What are some quick usage tips?

  • Reviewing article changes: You can see what other users have changed in an article, and when, by clicking the history tab and comparing various versions with the current version, last (previous) version, or two selected versions.
  • Overall activity: You can see what people have been doing all over this wiki lately by clicking Recent changes on the left.
  • Key-page tracking: You can use your watchlist (my watchlist link at top right) to see who has changed articles of particular interest to you by watching the articles ("watch this page" when editing the page, or watch tab at top of page).
  • Emailing users: You can email any registered user by going to their user page (for example, by clicking their username in a History page) and clicking "E-mail this user" on the left.

Wiki administration

See COLLADA:Wiki admin FAQ