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VENTUZ is real-time!

VENTUZ is a real time presentation program. It translates DirectX commands into an intuitive Graphical User Interface. VENTUZ is completely coded in .NET and runs on standard Windows XP workstations.

It is designed to author 2D and 3D content of any kind. Its main goal is to make production of real time motion graphics as easy as drag and drop. With an industry standard animation editor, logic editors for non linear animations, and a wide variety of presets and wizards, VENTUZ guarantees seamless integration of 3D, video, images, sounds and external data sources with complete flexibility and interactivity.

VENTUZ can communicate with every device that has been installed on your system. Every possible input device can control your presentation.

Supported Features

  • Import of geometry
  • Import of materials and textures
  • Import of cameras
  • Import of animations

Special notes and limitations

  • No export possible
  • Light import planned for the future

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