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Sandy 3D, or Sandy, is an intuitive and user-friendly 3D open-source library developed in Actionscript 2.0 and now Actionscript 3.0 for Adobe Flash.

The idea came in 2005 from the lack of possibilities to run 3D in Flash. It was also a way to solve the major problems of the other 3D engines available at that time:

  • Lack of documentation or support.
  • Abandoned projects.
  • Exclusive and limited engine.

Sandy is now one of the possibilities to create some 3D content in Flash. Other projects came out since Sandy first releases, giving more choice to users.

Special notes and limitations

  • Currently lacks support for COLLADA animation.

Sandy 3.0.2 has been released

The core engine is almost 80% new ! I have updated all the process pipeline, from computation, to screen display.

The new code has several advantages :

  • Faster ! The new architecture is definitely better than the previous ones. More logical, more flexible, a very good basis to create amazing stuff!
  • Simpler ! I finally decided to use the power of ActionScript getter/setter methods. Now objects and transformable groups have the same possibilities as the camera. Moreover, the transformable objects have some fast access properties such as, x, y, z instead of needing to use the object's rotateX(), rotateY(), rotateZ(), roll(), pitch(), and yaw() methods to rotate the camera.
  • Possibilities and extensions reach a new scale. Creating a new material (formerly Skin) is simpler and really powerful.
  • The camera can be part of the scene graph, as a simple object. Very powerful to rotate it and place it behind an object (or a character).
  • Event system. You can register to object event easily directly through the object or its parent (bubbling event system).

Sandy 3.1 has now been released

Lots of work has been done to make this version even better. This engine is enhanced and has many new features.

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