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About Renderjam

Renderjam is a Collada web publishing solution for sharing and annotating with 3D assets. With Renderjam, you can upload your 3D assets and supporting project files into a workspace that you can share with others to collaborate on your 3D work. Each 3D workspace has its own secure online file system and sharing tools so that you can easily invite friends, clients or partners to work with you on a 3D project.

   * Set Up - Setting up a 3D workspace is all done through your browser in minutes.
   * Invite - The 3D workspace share invites and login instructions are sent out via email to all participants.
   * Upload - Participants can easily upload relevant documentation, pictures, video and 3D models into the workspace.
   * Convert - 3D assets are converted online in the workspace into live 3D visuals that don't require any special software or training to view.
   * 3D Notes - 3D assets can be easily annotated in full 3D and notes shared with workgroup members.
   * Email - Members are notified of the workspace events of interest to them like viewing, uploading, downloading and new notes.

By quickly aggregating the project details and files into the 3d workspace you can help your project stakeholders see whats going on in live 3D, in a simple browser based environment they can access 24x7, from anywhere they are.

Check it out at

Discounts available for eligible Collada Org members.