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Welcome to the COLLADA conditioners portal
A collection of links and articles describing COLLADA conditioners and related tools

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A conditioner takes a COLLADA document and performs some kind of operation on it in preparation for its use for a specific purpose or with a specific application.

Related tools

  • COLLADA Refinery is a GUI-based application for creating content pipelines for 3D assets using modular components called conditioners. A pipeline consists of conditioners that pass their resulting documents to the next conditioner.

Can I add a conditioner to this directory?

See instructions for adding to the conditioners directory.

List of COLLADA conditioners

Geometric processing

lines2linestrips Changes all lines into linestrips.
linestrips2lines Changes all linestrips to lines.
Optimizer Rearranges the order of triangles to maximize the cache hit rate for vertices indexes. It works for triangles only.
Triangles2lines Changes all triangles to lines. Duplicate lines might be created.
Trifanner Changes all triangles to trifans.
Tristripper Changes all triangles to tristrips.
Deindexer Rearranges vertices indexes so that each Vertices will reference the corresponding Position, Normal, Texcoord with the same index number. The size of source for position, normal, and texcoord might increase.
Detrifanner Changes all trifans to triangles.
Detristripper Changes all tristrips to triangles.
Polygons2lines Changes all polygons to lines. Duplicate lines might be created.
Polygons2polylists Changes all polygons to polylists.
Polygons2triangles Changes all polygons to triangles.
Polylists2lines Changes all polylists to lines. Duplicate lines might be created.
Polylists2polygons Changes all polylists to polygons.
Polylists2triangles Changes all polylists to triangles.


Axisconverter Converts documents between Y_UP, X_UP, Z_UP.
Packager Collects all dae, image, and other resource files and compresses them into a zip file.
bindmateralfixer Some exporters don't export <bind_material> and link mesh materials to id directly. This conditioner adds the missing <bind_material> and its child nodes.
coherencytest Checks whether a COLLADA document is properly composed or coherent.
copyrighter Adds or overwrites the copyright text from a text file.
daestripper Removes all elements of a specific tag from a document. (For example, remove all <extra>.)
filename Searches for all resource file references and adds string prefix.
imageconverter Searches for all the images that a document uses and converts them to your desired supported image format. It uses Dev iL image library for image conversion. You must provide the file extension of your desired image format.
kmzcleanup Kmz files created by previous versions of sketchup are not coherent. This conditioner adds the missing elements, such as <bind_materials>, to fix the kmz file.

COLLADA Contest entries

CgToGLSL Creates a profile_GLSL out of your existing profile_CG COLLADA effect. This includes shader source compilation using NVIDIAs Cg Compiler.
FxCleaner Optimizes COLLADAFX data by merging redundant effects, or deleting unnecessary parameters.
VertexCacheOptimizer Optimizes COLLADA geometry data by reordering the indices in the triangles section.
Example conditioner example entry.