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Product information
  • Name: PAL
  • Purpose: Physics engine wrapper / abstraction
  • Last updated: Oct 24, 2007
  • Current version: unknown
  • Status: released
  • OS: Win32, Linux and other platforms available.
  • Maintainer: Adrian Boeing
  • Contact for technical issues:


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Physics Abstraction Layer is a professional open source (BSD license, free for commercial use) abstraction system for dynamic simulation systems. It provides a uniform 'API' to a number of physics engines. PAL supports COLLADA physics.

Supported Physics Engines

PAL includes COLLADA Physics using DAE2XML

24-10-07 PAL COLLADA loader has been released. The COLLADA loader is based on code from John Ratcliff. Many thanks to John Ratcliff for making the code to his lightweight COLLADA physics loader publicly available.

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