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Extension information
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<extra>/<technique profile="modo401">/<param> Elements

Category: (core) Camera (See list of specification categories)
Introduction: Describes custom cameras, include the specialized spherical camera sub-type supported by modo 401.


The modo render engine provides a general purpose camera, including perspective and orthographic optics as specified by the common COLLADA technique, as well as a specialized spherical camera.
Name Type Description Required?
sid xs:ncname A unique symbol within the technique; one for each param. Yes
name xs:ncname A user-friendly name for the param. no
Related Elements
Parent element(s) <camera>/<optics>
Extra and/or Technique <extra>/<technique profile="modo401">
Child elements None
Child Elements
sid name Description type Default Occurrences Named values
targetID Target_Node_ID ID of the item targeted by this camera Name 0 or 1
targetEnable Target_Enable If targeting is enabled bool false 0 or 1
targetFocus Target_Focus If camera focus is linked to target distance bool false 0 or 1
target Target_Distance Distance at which camera should focus on target float 5.0 0 or 1
targetRoll Target_Roll Angular offset from target along look axis float 0 0 or 1
projType Projection_Type Optical projection type Name persp 1 persp, ortho, spherical
focalLen Focal_Length Distance from center of lens to focal point float 0.05 1
distort Lens_Distortion Amount of lens distortion float 0 0 or 1
squeeze Lens_Squeeze Horizontal lens squeeze float 1.0 0 or 1
focusDist Focus_Distance Distance at which image is in focus float 4 0 or 1
fStop F-Stop Focal length divided by effective aperture diameter float 4 0 or 1
blurLen Blur_Length Length of blur float 0.5 0 or 1
blurOff Blur_Offset Offset of blur float 0 0 or 1
ioDist Interocular_Distance Distance between stereo imagers float 0.065 0 or 1
convDist Convergence_Distance Distance at which stereo imagers converge float 1 0 or 1


The target-related params should only appear if the initial targetID param is present, as those channels are only available for cameras which have a target set. The target-related channels are added during scene load only when a targetID is found.


       <camera id="Camera-Camera" name="Camera">
                       <xfov sid="HFOV">39.5978</xfov>
                       <yfov sid="YFOV">26.9915</yfov>
                       <znear sid="near_clip">0.01</znear>
                       <zfar sid="far_clip">10000</zfar>
               <technique profile="modo401">
                   <param sid="targetID" name="Target_Node_ID" type="Name">Geometry-MeshNode</param>
                   <param sid="targetEnable" name="Target_Enable" type="bool">true</param>
                   <param sid="targetFocus" name="Target_Focus" type="bool">true</param>
                   <param sid="target" name="Target_Distance" type="float">5</param>
                   <param sid="targetRoll" name="Target_Roll" type="float">1</param>
                   <param sid="projType" name="Projection_Type" type="Name">persp</param>
                   <param sid="focalLen" name="Focal_Length" type="float">0.05</param>
                   <param sid="distort" name="Lens_Distortion" type="float">0</param>
                   <param sid="squeeze" name="Lens_Squeeze" type="float">1</param>
                   <param sid="focusDist" name="Focus_Distance" type="float">4</param>
                   <param sid="fStop" name="F-Stop" type="float">4</param>
                   <param sid="blurLen" name="Blur_Length" type="float">0.5</param>
                   <param sid="blurOff" name="Blur_Offset" type="float">0</param>
                   <param sid="ioDist" name="Interocular_Distance" type="float">0.065</param>
                   <param sid="convDist" name="Convergence_Distance" type="float">1</param>