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Product information
  • Name: Nova
  • Purpose: Realtime 3D engine
  • Last updated: ?
  • Current version: ?
  • Status: ?
  • OS: ?
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  • Maintainer: Vertice
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Nova is a realtime 3D engine made for graphic designers.

Philosophy of the product

Nova is fully integrated into 3ds Max and Viz and allows to keep the same working environment and helps to accelerate your productions. With Nova 2008, it is now also possible to import 3D files in the COLLADA format directly in the Nova Explorer.

Nova was conceived according to the needs of graphic designers so that any graphic designer can create a realtime 3D scene of great quality, integrating numerous interactions, as well as physics applied to selected objects, and all this without any knowledge of programming. Your interactive scene will be compiled into an executable file or web file readable by all and without any right of diffusion! As in a video game, it allows you to get into its virtual environment in order to discover it and to interact with its content. Architecture, civilian or military simulation, installation, car industry, train industry, aerospace, aviation, manufacturing industry, virtual presentations, products marketing, game design, etc ... all are simply and quickly realizable with Nova.


Nova was created by David Catuhe (developer) and Michel Rousseau (graphic designer). Fans of video games, they have always been interested by realtime 3D. David Catuhe began the development of Nova during his studies, in collaboration with Michel Rousseau, user of 3ds Max. At the end of his studies, David has joined Bewise (high level development firm) as one of the shareholders and managers, and continued to develop Nova at the rhythm of the latest tools made available to the development teams by the editors, still in collaboration with Michel Rousseau, lead artist in a famous studio of Toulouse and today Artistic Director of Vertice, all this in parallel with the evolution of the main 3D tool, 3ds Max of Autodesk, and always with an eye kept on the available Import/Export 3D formats being developed. Icon of the development knowledge of David Catuhe and Bewise, Nova has become a few years ago a 3D real time engine available to users by the legal creation of Vertice, editor of Nova.


Founded in 2002, Vertice is located in Toulouse. Vertice is a Young Innovating Company. Vertice develops and distributes the Nova range and assists its customers in the customization of applications. Vertice is a sister company of Bewise. Founded in 1999, Bewise has 23 employees. Bewise has four main fields of activity: software development, the architecture of for software development, Business Intelligence, and realtime 3D development (Bewise team contributes to the development of Nova). Bewise works with large accounts (Airbus, Orange, BASF, Legrand...), software publishers (Infomil, Missler Software, MaxSea...) and software firms (Unilog, EDS, Thales...).

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