Milkshape 3D

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Product information
  • Name: Milkshape 3D
  • Purpose: modeler
  • Last updated: June 27, 2007
  • Current version: 1.81b
  • Status: beta
  • OS: Windows
  • Forum
  • Product info
  • Maintainer: chUmbaLum sOft
  • Contact for technical issues:


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MilkShape 3D is a low-polygon modeler, which was initially designed for Half-Life. Over time, many file formats and features have been added.

COLLADA support

The C4 engine COLLADA plugins list mention native support for Milkshape, but the Milkshape file list does not mention COLLADA. So I downloaded the 1.81 Beta, and found out that there is a COLLADA export option, but did not find an import option.