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Use this form to upload files.

  • Tip: To view or search previously uploaded images, see list of uploaded files.
  • Tip: To review a log of uploads and deletions, see upload log.
  • Tip: You do not have to reduce your image size before uploading; you can upload a viewable size and specify that it display smaller; see Help:Uploading a photo or picture for details.

To include your uploaded image in a page, use a link in the form [[File:yourFileName.jpg]], [[File:yourFileName.jpg | thumb | yourcaption ]], [[File:yourFileName.png | alt text]] or [[Media:yourFileName.ogg]] for directly linking to the file. (See also Help:Uploading a photo or picture.)

IMPORTANT: Choosing a destination filename:

Choose a unique filename (something that no one else is likely to want to use); e.g., "ColladaDOMarchitecture.jpg" or "BezierMatrixEquation.png" (not screenshot.jpg, image27.png).