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Category1 Product Element extended Profile= name Extension Details
Camera FCollada <camera> FCOLLADA camera FCollada extension {{{element_new}}}
Camera XSI <camera> XSI camera XSI extension {{{element_new}}}
Effects FX Composer 2 <effect> NV_import effect FX Composer 2 extension {{{element_new}}}
Extensibility FX Composer 2 <technique> NV_import technique FX Composer 2 extension {{{element_new}}}
Lighting FCollada <light> FCOLLADA light FCollada extension {{{element_new}}}
Lighting ColladaMax <light> MAX3D light ColladaMax extension {{{element_new}}}
Lighting ColladaMaya <light> MAYA light ColladaMaya extension {{{element_new}}}
Lighting XSI <light> XSI light XSI extension {{{element_new}}}
Materials FX Composer 2 <material> NV_bind_object material FX Composer 2 extension {{{element_new}}}
Materials FX Composer 2 <instance_material> NV_vertex_remapping
instance_material FX Composer 2 extension {{{element_new}}}
Metadata XSI <COLLADA> XSI COLLADA XSI extension {{{element_new}}}
Metadata FCollada <COLLADA> FCOLLADA COLLADA FCollada extension {{{element_new}}}
Physics scene FCollada <library_force_fields> FCOLLADA Particle forces FCOLLADA extension {{{element_new}}}
Rendering FX Composer 2 <pass> NVIDIA pass FX Composer 2 extension {{{element_new}}}
Rendering (?) ColladaMaya <texture> MAYA texture ColladaMaya extension {{{element_new}}}
Scene FCollada <node> FCOLLADA node FCollada extension {{{element_new}}}
Scene XSI <node> XSI node XSI extension {{{element_new}}}
Scene OSG plugin <node> OpenSceneGraph node OSG plugin extension {{{element_new}}}
Scene FCollada <visual_scene> FCOLLADA visual_scene FCollada extension {{{element_new}}}
Scene FX Composer 2 <visual_scene> NVIDIA visual_scene FX Composer 2 extension {{{element_new}}}
Surfaces FX Composer 2 <surface> NVIDIA surface FX Composer 2 extension {{{element_new}}}
Texturing XSI <image> XSI image XSI extension {{{element_new}}}
 ? ? <?> OKINO [[1]] {{{element_new}}}


(1): "Category" is general category as noted within the Specification. See list of specification categories.