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Extension information
  • Purpose: unstated
  • Company(s): Softimage
  • Product(s): XSI
  • Last updated: unstated
  • Contact for technical issues:
This article is part of the COLLADA extensions directory
Adding to the extensions directory

Softimage defines the following <image>/<extra>/<technique profile="XSI"> extension.


Stores information about a specific image used in the scene.

Member Description
FileName Name of source file.
SizeX Image size in X.
SizeY Image size in Y.
NumChannels Number of channels. Possible values are:
  • 3: RGB
  • 4: RGBA
BitsPerPixel Number of bits per pixel. Possible values:
  • 24
  • 32
CropMinX Leftmost X of the cropping rectangle.
CropMaxX Rightmost X of the cropping rectangle.
CropMinY Leftmost Y of the cropping rectangle.
CropMaxY Rightmost Y of the cropping rectangle.
FrameRate Frame rate to use. If this value is 0, the scene frame rate is assumed; otherwise, this value is the new frame rate.
NumberOfFrames Number of frames for sequence.
FirstFrame Frame number for first frame in sequence.
LastFrame Frame number for last frame in sequence.


<image id="noIcon_pic_img" format="bitmap" height="256" width="256" depth="32">
      <technique profile="XSI">
               <xsi_param sid="FileName">"" </xsi_param>
               <xsi_param sid="SizeX">256 </xsi_param>
               <xsi_param sid="SizeY">256 </xsi_param>
               <xsi_param sid="NumChannels">4 </xsi_param>
               <xsi_param sid="BitsPerPixel">0 </xsi_param>
               <xsi_param sid="CropMinX">0.000000 </xsi_param>
               <xsi_param sid="CropMaxX">0.000000 </xsi_param>
               <xsi_param sid="CropMinY">1.000000 </xsi_param>
               <xsi_param sid="CropMaxY">1.000000 </xsi_param>
               <xsi_param sid="FrameRate">0.000000 </xsi_param>
               <xsi_param sid="NumberOfFrames">0 </xsi_param>
               <xsi_param sid="FirstFrame">0 </xsi_param>
               <xsi_param sid="LastFrame">0</xsi_param>
               <xsi_param sid="in">0.000000 </xsi_param>
               <xsi_param sid="out">0.000000 </xsi_param>
               <xsi_param sid="startOffset">0.000000 </xsi_param>
               <xsi_param sid="scale">1.000000</xsi_param>
               <xsi_param sid="type">"HOLD" </xsi_param>
               <xsi_param sid="value">0.000000</xsi_param>
               <xsi_param sid="type">"HOLD" </xsi_param>
               <xsi_param sid="value">0.000000</xsi_param>