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To rename an article:

  1. Click the move tab at the top of the article.
  2. Fill in the new article name and the reason for the rename.
  3. Click Move page.

This moves the content of the article and of its talk page (and its edit history) to the new title and changes the old article to a redirect to the new article.

Do not copy and paste content from an old article into an empty new article and then delete the old article. Two reasons:

  • The move preserves the history of the article's origin and all previous edits.
  • Automatically creates a redirect from the old page name to the new page name, so that if anyone has bookmarked it (a possiblity), they'll automatically go to the new page, and if there are any links anywhere else in the wiki, likewise they'll automatcially be redirected.

Even better, after the move:

  1. Use What links here in the left navbar to find all the links in the wiki that point to the old page (and are redirected to the new page) and fix them.