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Product information
  • Name: Germanium Building Composer
  • Purpose: Compose COLLADA datasets into buildings with Building, Blocks and Level (BBL) information
  • Last updated: April 30th 2009
  • Current version: 1.3.1
  • Status: Released
  • OS: Windows XP with SP2 or Vista
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  • Maintainer: GermaniumWeb
  • Contact for technical issues:


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Germanium Building Composer is a tool which helps developers to compose full-3D COLLADA datasets into buildings with Building, Blocks and Level (BBL) information, allowing developers to bring fully textured 3D building models coupled with interior furnishing into their GermaniumWeb applications.

Germanium Building Composer 1.3 has been released

30 Apr 2010

Release Notes
  • New features
    1. It is now possible to manually set the BBLId for buildings, blocks and levels.
    2. COLLADA texture wrap modes (WRAP and CLAMP) are now supported.
  • Fixes
    1. Buildings with non-ASCII names (e.g. Chinese) are now given valid default BBLIds.
    2. Texture image files on valid file paths sometimes could not be located and exported.
    3. Unused objects in the COLLADA file were being incorrectly exported.
    4. Some invalid file paths were crashing the application.

Germanium Building Composer 1.2 has been released

14 Jan 2010

Release Notes
  • Updates
    1. Improved support for Google SketchUp v7.1 exported COLLADA files.
    2. Improved support for COLLADA v1.4.0 files, exported by 3DS Max 2010.
  • Fixes
    1. Fixed a bug where COLLADA files without node id specified, such as those created by Google SketchUp v7.1, were being rejected.
    2. Fixed a bug where duplicated ids across COLLADA files were not being resolved correctly, resulting in missing geometry or textures.

Germanium Building Composer 1.1.3 has been released

12 Nov 2009 Update

Release Notes

The previous installer (1.1.2) used a security certificate which expired on 11 Nov 2009, resulting in a harmless warning during installation. This new installer (1.1.3) uses a new certificate which removes the warning. Building Composer itself is unchanged.

Germanium Building Composer 1.1.2 has been released

8 Sep 2009

Release Notes
  • New features
    1. Texture files references which do not match the actual files' capitalization (e.g. abc.png vs Abc.png) are now automatically fixed, for easier deployment on webservers that are case-sensitive.
    2. Experimental support for polygons and polylists has been added.
    3. Support for COLLADA files with unicode names, e.g. 一楼.dae
    4. Building Composer now warns the user of unsaved changes when closing the project.
  • Updates:
    1. Improved support for COLLADA files produced by Google Sketchup.
    2. Improved support for COLLADA files produced by Autodesk 3DS Max 2009 and 2010's build-in COLLADA exporter.
    3. Improved user interface for the export preview. Also, the BBL properties are now browsable.
  • Fixes:
    1. Fixed a crash bug when certain COLLADA files from Google Sketchup are imported.
    2. Fixed: Building Composer was treating .daes that contained only a flat plane as invalid.

Germanium Building Composer 1.1.1 has been released

17 July 2009

First launch of Germanium Building Composer, allowing GermaniumWeb users to compose their complete 3D building model with BBL information.