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Extension information
  • Purpose: unstated
  • Company(s): Starbreeze
  • Product(s): OpenCOLLADA
  • Last updated: unstated
  • Contact for technical issues:
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Adding to the extensions directory

Animation Clip Events

Animation markup events are to be applied to each individual clip exported into COLLADA format. Animation markup event is for gameplay programmers to be able to trigger certain events at user defined timing on an animation clip. Each clip can have multiple animation markup events.

Element Attributes supported Description
<event> Contain all events for the specified clip.
<timestamp> id, count a <float_array> of TIME value.
<markers> id, count a <Name_array> of MARKERS values.


<animation_clip id="clip2" start="0" end="4.7666667">
     <instance_animation url="#clip2_c_torso_a_ue"/>
     <instance_animation url="#clip2_c_torso_b_ue"/>
     <instance_animation url="#clip2_c_torso_c_ue"/>
         <technique profile="OpenCOLLADAMaya">
                <timestamps id="clip2-marker-input-array" count="4">0 1 2.26 3.56 </timestamps>
                <markers id="clip2-marker-name-array" count="4">Foot_L Foot_R Foot_L Hand_L </markers>


Script to have extra attribute with 2 fields (float=timing and string=markerName)

addAttr -longName Markers -numberOfChildren 2 -attributeType compound -multi; addAttr -longName Time -at "float" -parent Markers; addAttr -longName ID -dt "string" -parent Markers;