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PixelActive creates state of the art tools and technology for interactive 3D worlds. Our flagship product, CityScape, is a rapid urban modeling tool that allows users to build both custom and real-world environments quickly and easily. CityScape is used by developers in the video game, simulation, urban planning, and gis industries.

3D data can be imported through COLLADA™, which is supported by a majority of industry standard tools such as Maya, 3ds Max, XSI, SketchUp, and Modo.

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PixelActive's CityScape 1.7 Enables Automated Processing for Geospatial Visualization

Carlsbad, CA -- April 16, 2009 -- PixelActive is pleased to announce the latest release of CityScape, their high-speed, intelligent world editor. CityScape empowers users to create complex, urban-themed virtual environments magnitudes faster than traditional modeling tools. Cities built in CityScape can be exported to proprietary or public file formats with video game quality graphics. Version 1.7 includes support for importing a variety of GIS data formats, allowing developers in the simulation, GIS, and video game industries to create geospecific urban environments quickly and accurately.

The 1.7 version also adds support for creating exportable meta data (or game data) objects, integration with Emergent's Gamebryo® middleware package, and compatibility with a wider range of industry standard file formats. PixelActive's technology has been used to benefit clients including Volition, Inc. (creators of the Red Faction® and Saints Row® franchises) and NAVTEQ (a leading provider of comprehensive digital map information).

GIS and Active Adjustment Bring Real Data to Life

CityScape 1.7 supports importing of shapefile data, National Elevation Data (NEDs), Digital Elevation Models (DEMs), and projections from a variety of data providers including NAVTEQ, ESRI, and USGS. The availability of scripting allows users to process large areas autonomously with CityScape. In addition to processing data, users can make modifications to imported environments with an easy to use, point-and-click interface. Adding additional data increases fidelity to digital geographic data which benefits consumers and publishers. "The interest for CityScape in so many industries is amazing. It's not just a tool for building video games anymore. Anyone who wants to build a real or imaginary city should be using CityScape to improve productivity and efficiency." says Steve Rotenberg, PixelActive CEO. "The traffic simulation has been a great benefit to city planners and virtual world developers. The ability to see how changes affect traffic in real-time has been tremendous for them."

Build Your City and Your Game in CityScape

Version 1.7 adds support for meta data, enabling users to design their urban environment and game logic in a single application. Custom properties and attributes can now be created within CityScape and placed the same way that props normally behave. CityScape allows level designers to create environments and meta data faster than ever. "Triggers are treated the same as trees and other props in CityScape. This means that adjustments to your environment benefit from Active Adjustment and ensure that your triggers don't end up inside a building or otherwise misplaced," says Rotenberg. "This allows designers to iterate quicker, without having to worry if everything will work when they load it in the game." This is a radical departure from the traditional design paradigm where environments are modified in a modeling tool, brought into a level editor, and then game logic is assigned and modified before loading into the game engine. With CityScape, users can modify their environment and game data in a single application that has the facility and intelligence to ensure that both tasks are completed quickly and efficiently.

To experience the benefits of CityScape today, please visit the PixelActive website ( and download the demo.

CityScape 1.6 has been released

Carlsbad, CA -- December 12, 2008 -- PixelActive is pleased to announce the latest release of CityScape, their high speed, intelligent world editor. CityScape enables users to create complex urban-themed virtual landscapes 10x faster than traditional modeling tools, while maintaining a high level of quality.

The product is ideal for video game and virtual world developers who need to build large worlds that are optimized for real time engines. CityScape has been shipping to game developers for two years, and the latest version adds support for multiple users, allowing several artists and designers to work on the same environment simultaneously. Other new features include support for astrometrics (accurate solar and lunar entities based on geography, time and date), larger worlds, and optimizations for faster performance. Current clients include Volition, Inc. (creators of the Red Faction® and Saints Row® franchises), Bunkspeed, Inc. (creators of visualization technology for design and marketing), and others.

Read more at PixelActive's News Page

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