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Extension information
  • Purpose: unstated
  • Company(s): Softimage
  • Product(s): XSI
  • Last updated: unstated
  • Contact for technical issues:
This article is part of the COLLADA extensions directory
Adding to the extensions directory

<XSI_Camera> Element

Category: (See list of specification categories)


Softimage defines the following <camera>/<extra>/<technique profile="XSI"> extension.



Parent Elements

<camera>/<extra>/<technique profile="XSI">

Child Elements

Uses xsi_param, using SID to distinguish meanings, rather than individual element names.

Name SID Description Default Occurrences Example
xsi_param std 9
xsi_param aspect 1.333333
xsi_param fov 0.000000
xsi_param fovtype 1
xsi_param proj 1
xsi_param orthoheight 0.100000
xsi_param interestdist 53.318638
xsi_param near 0.000000
xsi_param far 0.000000
xsi_param projplane FALSE
xsi_param projplanewidth 0.188976
xsi_param projplaneheight 0.141732
xsi_param projplaneoffx 0.000000
xsi_param projplaneoffy 0.000000



<camera id="cameras_0">
        <technique profile="XSI">
                    <xsi_param sid="std">9 </xsi_param>
                    <xsi_param sid="aspect">1.333333 </xsi_param>
                    <xsi_param sid="fov">0.000000 </xsi_param>
                    <xsi_param sid="fovtype">1 </xsi_param>
                    <xsi_param sid="proj">1 </xsi_param>
                    <xsi_param sid="orthoheight">0.100000 </xsi_param>
                    <xsi_param sid="interestdist">53.318638 </xsi_param>
                    <xsi_param sid="near">0.000000 </xsi_param>
                    <xsi_param sid="far">0.000000 </xsi_param>
                    <xsi_param sid="projplane">FALSE </xsi_param>
                    <xsi_param sid="projplanewidth">0.188976 </xsi_param>
                    <xsi_param sid="projplaneheight">0.141732 </xsi_param>
                    <xsi_param sid="projplaneoffx">0.000000 </xsi_param>
                    <xsi_param sid="projplaneoffy">0.000000</xsi_param>