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Product information
  • Name: Anark
  • Purpose: UI design and CAD data management
  • Last updated: February 7, 2007
  • Current version: unknown
  • Status: released
  • OS: Windows
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  • Maintainer: Anark Corporation
  • Contact for technical issues:


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Anark Corporation provides powerful enterprise software and solutions to organizations that need to cost-effectively utilize their CAD data and other 3D graphic assets to deliver a wide array of high-end collaboration and visual communication applications.

Anark and COLLADA

February 7, 2007

Recent versions of Anark Studio have included a module for importing COLLADA files. This has proven to be a valuable addition to Anark Studio’s 3D import facilities.

COLLADA's consistent representation of 3D concepts -- including geometry, materials, textures, and animation -- along with Feeling Software’s great exporters for popular DCC packages -- have set COLLADA up as the go-to format for 3D data interchange. Here at Anark, we’ve always worked towards artist-friendly workflows and COLLADA is giving us new exiting ways to do that.

These benefits to the artist, even with our initial adoption of COLLADA, have been fantastic. Already, COLLADA is allowing our more-sophisticated users to leverage the highly specialized and evolved animation tools of DCC packages to create animations for their content like never before. Users are even able use a combination of animation created in other packages right alongside animations created using Anark Studio’s built-in animation system.

Anark’s previous forays into 3D data interchange have included using .3ds as well as the development of our own .amx interchange format for various DCC packages. Though by maintaining our own interchange format we were able to retain complete control of its feature set, we think in time, as COLLADA matures, the benefits of having an open standard and having worldwide development talent aimed at it will realize workflows and an empowerment of artists previously thought impossible.

We plan to use this forum space as place to discuss our and our users’ experiences with using COLLADA to author interactive 3d content and to make announcements concerning improvements to our COLLADA support. Be sure to check back for updated information.

Needless to say, we’re very excited about the potential of this format.

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