Khronos Public Bugzilla

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COLLADA The COLLADA Digital Asset Exchange schema and specification. This database is open to non-members of The Khronos Group in order to provide a place for users to submit bug reports and enhancement requests.
EGL The OS and window-system independent interface library for OpenGL ES, OpenVG, and other Khronos APIs.
KTX KTX texture file format and libktx library
Khronos (general) Non-API-specific issues.
OpenCL Heterogeneous data and task parallel computing languages and APIs
OpenCL SPIR Standard Portable Intermediate Representation for OpenCL kernels
OpenGL The OpenGL API, controlled by the Khronos OpenGL ARB Working Group, and the companion GLU, GLX, and WGL APIs.
OpenGL ES‑SC The OpenGL ES API for Safety Critical systems.
OpenGL‑ES The OpenGL ES API for embedded and mobile devices.
OpenKODE The OpenKODE portability APIs
OpenKOGS OpenKOGS is the umbrella specification combining EGL, specified EGL extensions, and multiple client APIs
OpenMAX AL The OpenMAX Application Level - Access media applications using a cross-vendor interface.
OpenMAX‑IL The OpenMAX Integration Level - Integrate media components using standard interconnect protocols.
OpenML Digital media library for workstation apps.
OpenSL ES The OpenSL ES enhanced audio API for mobile embedded devices.
OpenVG The OpenVG API
OpenVX Hardware acceleration API for Computer Vision applications and libraries
OpenWF Windowing Foundation APIs
SPIR‑V Binary intermediate language for languages defined by multiple Khronos APIs.
WebCL Bringing OpenCL to the Internet
WebGL An open, royalty-free standard for rendering hardware accelerated 3D graphics as part of web content
glFX Effects system for OpenGL and OpenGL ES