Khronos Public Bugzilla

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COLLADA: The COLLADA Digital Asset Exchange schema and specification.
EGL: The OS and window-system independent interface library for OpenGL ES, OpenVG, and other Khronos APIs.
KTX: KTX texture file format and libktx library. Closed to new bugs. Use KTX Github Issues instead.
Khronos (general): Non-API-specific issues.
OpenCL: Heterogeneous data and task parallel computing languages and APIs
OpenCL SPIR: Standard Portable Intermediate Representation for OpenCL kernels
OpenGL: OpenGL for desktop systems
OpenGL-ES: The OpenGL ES API for embedded and mobile devices. Also includes OpenGL SC issues.
OpenKODE: The OpenKODE portability APIs
OpenKOGS: OpenKOGS is the umbrella specification combining EGL, specified EGL extensions, and multiple client APIs
OpenMAX AL: The OpenMAX Application Level - Access media applications using a cross-vendor interface.
OpenMAX-IL: The OpenMAX Integration Level - Integrate media components using standard interconnect protocols.
OpenML: Digital media library for workstation apps.
OpenSL ES: The OpenSL ES enhanced audio API for mobile embedded devices.
OpenVG: The OpenVG API
OpenVX: Hardware acceleration API for Computer Vision applications and libraries
OpenWF: Windowing Foundation APIs
SPIR-V: Binary intermediate language for languages defined by multiple Khronos APIs.
WebCL: Bringing OpenCL to the Internet
WebGL: Bring Hardware-Accelerated 3D Graphics to the Internet
glFX: Effects system for OpenGL and OpenGL ES