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31 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
244 WebGL WG Issue 3dweb NEW --- Demos don't declare precisons in fragment shaders 2010-03-18
267 WebGL WG Issue 3dweb NEW --- RFE: add getErrorDetail() or similar 2010-03-04
332 WebGL Conforma 3dweb NEW --- small WebGL test harness improvements 2010-07-30
350 WebGL Conforma 3dweb NEW --- context-attributes-alpha-depth-stencil-antialias.html issue with shouldBeNull 2010-08-25
406 WebGL Specific 3dweb NEW --- Add support for 3D Textures as an extension 2011-01-13
407 WebGL Specific 3dweb NEW --- Add support for LUMINANCE16 as an extension 2011-01-13
426 WebGL Conforma 3dweb NEW --- Update performance tests to run in latest browsers 2011-02-04
469 WebGL Conforma 3dweb NEW --- uniformf.html etc. require exact pixel values 2011-05-09
533 WebGL Registry 3dweb NEW --- page is not loading 2011-09-27
565 WebGL Conforma 3dweb NEW --- gl-object-get-calls fails with last case "getError expected: NO_ERROR. Was INVALID_ENUM" 2011-12-08
570 WebGL Sample I 3dweb NEW --- Demo of transferrable typed arrays with web workers for WebGL rendering 2012-01-03
577 WebGL Conforma 3dweb NEW --- Add conformance test verifying point rendering with no enabled vertex attributes 2012-01-20
599 WebGL Conforma 3dweb NEW --- Implement conformance test for a OSX Bug regarding branches in vertex shaders 2013-09-27
601 WebGL Conforma 3dweb NEW --- Spec and test behavior of uploading incomplete images 2012-02-29
618 WebGL Conforma 3dweb NEW --- Need tests ensuring all typed array types match float[] 2012-04-09
619 WebGL Conforma 3dweb NEW --- Conformance tests must be updated after nullable changes in specification 2012-04-09
632 WebGL Conforma 3dweb NEW --- Ensure tests exist for error conditions from various get methods 2012-04-27
646 WebGL Conforma 3dweb NEW --- Need test for repeated texture initialization bug 2013-09-27
657 WebGL Specific 3dweb NEW --- Use unions to simplify IDL 2012-06-05
674 WebGL Registry 3dweb NEW --- WEBGL_depth_texture typo with framebufferTexture2D 2012-07-11
678 WebGL Registry 3dweb NEW --- Distinguish between community-approved and Khronos-ratified WebGL extensions 2012-07-19
766 WebGL Conforma 3dweb NEW --- shader-with-too-many-uniforms causing conformance failure in 1.0.2 2013-01-10
779 WebGL Conforma 3dweb NEW --- Incorrect draw sequence in oes-vertex-array-object.html resulting in test failure. 2013-01-31
814 WebGL Conforma 3dweb NEW --- Renderbuffer created but not used 2013-02-22
1172 WebGL Specific 3dweb NEW --- WebGLRenderingContextBase IDL should use union types instead of overloading 2014-05-14
1184 WebGL Man Page 3dweb NEW --- the section reference is wrong in the Webgl reference card 2014-05-30
1185 WebGL Man Page 3dweb NEW --- the section reference is wrong in the Webgl reference card 2014-05-30
1297 WebGL WG Issue 3dweb NEW --- Textures created with SVG images get piled on top of each other in chrome 2015-06-13
1337 WebGL WG Issue 3dweb NEW --- Artefacts during volume rendering - texture lookup problem? 2015-05-14
455 WebGL Man Page khronos ASSI --- Bad links on public wiki 2011-03-30
729 WebGL Conforma 3dweb REOP --- oes-texture-float incorrectly uses the OES_texture_float extension with OpenGL ES 2014-02-02
31 bugs found.